MonthJuly 2020

Financial Support For Individuals and Households

In many developed countries, the government provides monetary and other forms of financial support for individuals and households. The primary responsibility of these institutions is to support the unemployed, the aged, the infirm, the underprivileged, etc. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) provides loans to these countries for major public projects that will improve their standard of living.

Small financial support for you

However, this is only a small part of the financial support that is provided by the international financial institutions. There are other institutions that provide assistance in other ways, such as financing grants for new start-up businesses, providing small loans, and so on.

These financial support is available to any country, at any level of development. That is, an institution that is developed in a developing country or an individual with poor credit history can still obtain financial help in many cases.

In the past, poor credit history was often seen as a barrier to receiving financial support from developed countries. However, in the recent years, a number of development agencies have changed their attitude towards individuals with poor credit histories. They now offer loans to individuals with poor credit histories in an effort to break the vicious cycle of poverty.

It has become increasingly easier to find a lender that is willing to finance a loan for individuals and households with poor credit. In the past, it was far more difficult, but today, you can find many online lenders, so just sign for the online loan.

Necessary to get out of poverty

These loans are designed to give individuals with poor credit a chance to start anew, or to improve their current credit situation. Typically, these loans are used to pay off credit card debt, car payments, and so on.

The importance of poor credit loans cannot be stressed enough. These loans are just one piece of the puzzle that is necessary to get out of poverty. They provide an initial infusion of money, but the more time a person spends paying down the debt, the less likely they are to incur further debt.

As mentioned earlier, poor credit is usually seen as a hurdle to getting financial support from developed countries. However, it is now possible to obtain funds from developed countries that are currently in need. While they are currently unable to provide large amounts of financial support, they are still willing to do so.

Options available to poor people

While poor credit is seen as a barrier in the past, it is not so today. Poor credit is no longer seen as a factor that stops individuals and households from obtaining funding from developed countries.

For those individuals and households who have trouble getting any form of financial support from developed countries, the good news is that there are non-governmental organizations that are willing to help them. Whether it is providing small loans, taking over the debts of individuals and households, or providing direct assistance, there are many avenues that can be used to make life better for individuals and households.

The key thing to remember is that obtaining financial support from developed countries can still be done even if the individual or household does not have poor credit. There are many options available to poor people in developing countries that are available to those who have good credit.

This is particularly true in terms of providing financial support to people in poor countries. In the long run, this financial support can make life much more comfortable for poor people in developing countries, who would otherwise struggle to survive.

How much is the servicing of land financed via the loan of a work?

Building a house is not easy and requires many steps. Among those not to be overlooked, the servicing of the land. The cost of such an operation, which can be financed via the loan of work, is not always easy to determine since it depends on several criteria. Good Credit helps you to see more clearly and to know what the price will be to make your building land viable.

What is meant by servicing land?

Servicing a building plot, this means putting in place all the necessary connections in order to make the future house habitable. We distinguish :

  • Connection to the water network;
  • Connection to the gas network;
  • Connection to the electricity network;
  • The connection to the telecommunications network (telephone, Internet), generally grouped with the electrical connection;
  • Connection to the sewerage network.

For each type of work, a quote must be requested from the competent professional, while knowing that the price for servicing land can range from simple to triple, or even more.

What makes the cost of servicing so variable?

To be able to establish a quote, the installers must know the exact characteristics of your land. In particular, the following are taken into account:

  • The distance of your property from each network;
  • The distance between construction and the boundaries of your property;
  • The presence or on the contrary the absence of pipes.

The price of servicing land depends on all of these criteria. Of course, the bigger the work, the higher the cost.

Note: distance from networks can also affect the cost of land
If your land is in the immediate vicinity of public networks, its purchase price may be higher compared to another more distant land. However, this additional cost will logically be amortized since the servicing price will be lower.

Network by network, what price to make my land viable?

For an owner, the price for servicing land is not negligible. Even when the work is minimal, the use of a work credit may be necessary. Below, we show you the average cost of servicing by type of connection.

Price for connection to the water network

For land located no more than 10 m from the public water network, the connection cost amounts to approximately $ 1,000. For each additional meter, it is generally necessary to add around 50 $.

Gas network connection price

If your land is at a maximum distance of 30 m from the public gas network, the price for the connection will vary between 400 and 1,000 $. Per additional linear meter, count a hundred euros.

Electricity connection price

When the house electricity meter and the connection box are at a maximum distance of 30 m, the average connection price is $ 1,000. Otherwise, add around 200 $ per additional linear meter.

Price for connection to the sewerage network

For a connection to the collective sanitation network, prices vary between 3,000 and 10,000 $. On the other hand, in the absence of mains drainage, individual sanitation will be required for your house. Price: around 5,000 $.

For a total connection including water, gas, electricity and sanitation networks (collectively), the minimum price therefore hovers around $ 5,500.

Servicing land: what steps and formalities to plan for?

Before considering any construction or any servicing work – and especially before signing the sales agreement -, you must contact the town hall of the municipality where your land is located. Goal? Consult the local urban plan, formerly called the land-use plan.

This famous document will allow you to make sure that the land is in a building zone. If necessary, you can obtain a town planning certificate free of charge.

This document will inform you of how the servicing can be carried out, and if the planned works are feasible. Thanks to the town planning certificate, you will also have a more precise idea of ​​the price for servicing your land, because this document will inform you:

  • The distance of the various distribution networks from your land;
  • On planning fees and contributions by type of work (for example, the local equipment tax, applicable for all construction).

Here is something to give you material for comparison, with regard to the quotes that will be sent to you!

Good to know: a terrasse can take care of everything for you
By calling on a specialist in earthworks, you will save yourself both the administrative procedures and the organization of work.

You will understand, the price for servicing your land will not necessarily be the same as with your neighbor. Before signing for your servicing work, it is important to request several quotes. Finally, for your work credit, think of Good Credit, a pioneer in online depreciable loans between individuals!