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Supporting the 2012 UN Year of Cooperatives

The International Co-operative Alliance has voted Rochdale the Global Capital of Co-operatives, reflecting the towns pivotal role in the development of a business that affects over half the worlds population.    

The Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers was a group of 10 weavers and 20 others in Rochdale, England, that was formed in 1844. As the mechanization of the Industrial Revolution was forcing more and more skilled workers into poverty, these tradesmen decided to band together to open their own store selling food items they could not otherwise afford. With lessons from prior failed attempts at co-operation in mind, they designed the now famous Rochdale Principles, and over a period of four months they struggled to pool together one pound sterling per person for a total of 28 pounds of capital. On December 21, 1844, they opened their store with a very meagre selection of butter, sugar, flour, oatmeal and a few candles. Within three months, they expanded their selection to include tea and tobacco, and they were soon known for providing high quality, unadulterated goods.

The United Nations International Year of Cooperatives is intended to raise public awareness of the invaluable contributions of cooperative enterprises to poverty reduction, employment generation and social integration. The Year will also highlight the strengths of the cooperative business model as an alternative means of doing business and furthering socioeconomic development.

Check www.qrz.com/db/gx0roc for latest info.


Rochdale Pioneers

The Rochdale Pioneers, founders of the first retail co-operative movement. Photograph: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

NEW for 2013

RADARS will be holding a series of amateur radio events to commemorate Rochdale's role in collaboration with the local Cooperative movement and Rochdale Council.  Special GB callsigns will be obtained for for these events.  It is also planned to encourage more Rochdale Hams to take part. 

Special QSL cards are to be obtained and all verified contacts who request a card will receive one.

If interested in supporting future RADARS events,  simply register your interest and we will keep you informed of exactly what is happening and how you could help,

Link to idea for QSL Card (pdf)

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