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G0ROC gets its own on-line newsgroup

The club now has its own newsgroup: At the moment, membership is by invitation only but if you would like to join, send a message to Pete (M3ILV) at Alternatively, just give me your email address at club evening and Iíll do the rest. 

It is hoped that the newsgroup will provide a lively, chatty forum for members and help them to keep in touch in between meetings. It is expected to be of particular benefit to new members who will be able to get answers to their questions without having to wait till Monday nights.

For those of you who donít know what a newsgroup is, well, it works just like a message-board. Members can stick their own messages on to be read by everyone else and in turn can read all the other messages. A newsgroup can contain as many members as you like and when you send an e mail message to the group, everyone else on the group receives a copy. Itís pretty idiot-proof. (Well, if I can work Ďem out anyone can!)

You can choose to receive your mail in a variety of options:

   1.Every time someone posts a message, you can receive it in the usual way as an individual email sent to your email address. 
   2.You can choose to receive your mails in a daily Ďdigestí which means that you get all the dayís postings in one, daily mailing. 
   3.You can also choose to read the messages whenever you wish by visiting the G0ROC Group web page and read them on line.

It is as well to remember that any postings sent to the group can be read by all group subscribers so if you want to slag Dave Carden off, for instance, donít do it via the group or everyone will read it. 

Newsgroup details are listed below.

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List owner:

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