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RADARS OPEN DAY - 13th March 2004

Congratulations to all who took part.

Here is a copy of the article which appeared in the Rochdale Observer on the following Saturday - and again in the Rochdale Express on the 26th.

National Science Week Certificate

Another really enjoyable day - but still too few visitors....

The 'Special Event' callsign - GX0ROC was used during the event and QSL cards will be sent to all contacts.  QSL cards should be sent to G0ROC via the bureau or direct to our QSL manager, G3DTP

Phil, M3AJY operating the HF rig with the help of his daughter Jasmin

The rig is an FT101ZD running, on 15m,  about 180 watts to a 3/4 wave base fed vertical.

Dave's (G0PUD) vintage radio collection - along wth a few 'specials'.

The suitcase on the left contains everything needed to run HF  (100w transceiver, 160m-6m, ATU, PSU and wire antenna) which he often takes on holiday with him.

and here's Chris, 2E1MDC, tuning his vintage receiver....
The compact fast scan amateur TV station of Bill, G8TTU and operated by Phil, G8HDS, was located indoors for this event but could be placed anywhere within range of its 23cm transmitter.

Phil also ran the slow-scan, 20m set-up.

Superb full colour video was received.
Tom, G4TWJ,  10GHz rx shown here receiving the local beacon station, with Dave, G6GXK's 10GHz set-up in the background.
  ..and outside can be seen his superb fully steerable, computer controlled, dish antenna for 10GHz.
Learn Morse Code in 1 minute!

A simple slow morse teaching aid, the club's morse trainer and 'morsecat' on a PC.

On the poster can be seen a memorial to the astronauts killed in the Columbia disaster. On board at the time were three radio amateurs.

Dave, G7UCP's FT847 set-up listening to amateur radio satellites.
Narrow band digital communication using an old laptop and MixW software. Plenty of activity on 20m PSK31.
Thanks to Jon Mossman we had an excellent presentation of RAYNET activity, including APRS monitoring of mobile station locations.
The 70cm Station
And  a few general views of the posters on display and the outside area of the club venue.