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Astronomy Centre Visit 27/10/10

The visit by members of RADARS, joined by members from the Ellenroad Radio Club and the Bury Radio Society, to the Astronomy Centre, based just above Todmorden, was a resounding success.  Andy and Peter, from the Centre, put on a first class talk/presentation and most of the visitors were able to use one of their telescopes, during a brief clear spell, to see superb images of Jupiter with four of her moons clearly visible as well as a clear view of Uranus.

Unfortunately the weather turned very quickly and the sound of the rain on the dome was quite pronounced!  There is of course no heating in the telescope section of the dome, hence the need for warm clothing.

It turns out that Andy is also a licenced radio amateur and has extensive interest in radio astronomy. He is intending to construct a relatively large radio dish and would certainly appreciate cooperation from local interested groups.

The telescope seen here is a Scott Mount Meade 16" LX200 Schmidt-Cassegrain

Here are some photos of the event -

Their website is