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General Rules

The FOX will operate on specified frequencies eg 145.3875 / 433.450  using a short vertical and running about 5watts
It will be located within a five mile radius of the Cemetery Hotel, Bury Rd, Rochdale and will be in a position which may or may not be accessible.
The FOX will transmit at exactly specified times and duration. eg 1min call each band every 5mins.

The hunt teams will consist of a minimum of two persons if in a vehicle although more may involved.
All teams will set off at the same time from anywhere they wish in the borough of Rochdale

All traffic regulations must be observed at all times.  This is not a speed trial event and the FOX does not have to be found. The winner will be the team that gives the closest map reference position of the FOX on their return to base.

The first hunt start time will be 7.30pm and the finish time will be 8.30pm.  The winners will be announced at 9pm.