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The club has been in existence in its present form since 1990 and had been located at the Bamford and Fiedhouse Cricket Club since 1997. Because of the devastating fire at the Cricket Club we moved to a temporary venue, the Cemetery Hotel, Bury Road and in 2011 we moved to our new location at the Norden Old Library. The club callsign G0ROC was allocated in March 1992 and is now well known on the VHF bands particularly during contests. Current membership includes both licensed amateurs and short wave listeners whose interests range from Vintage Radios, Slow and Fast Scan TV, Satellite Communication, Computers, Microwaves, QRP and Home Built Equipment to Photography.The club is also 'twinned' with the Amateur Radio Society of Winchester (Virginia, USA), WA4RS

All Amateur Radio Licence Courses, Exams,Tutorials   (NOW AVAILABLE AT RADARS)
Regular talks on subjects of interest to members, Morse Classes (yes - its still the best mode), On the air evenings, Activity nights, competitions etc, The Annual RADARS Traditional Radio Rally  --- (and some photos of the event), Contest operating (and some photos of us in action). Other events - JOTA


On HF we use an Icom IC756Pro3
We also have access to equipment for contest use including tents, trailer, aerial masts, VHF aerials for 6m, 4m, 2m and 70cms and all band HF antennas

The new venue is the Norden Old Library, Edenfield Rd, Norden, Rochdale OL11 5XE (or OL12 7SE, on the main Rd opposite the Horse & Farrier Pub)
Usual Times 7.30pm - 9.30pm, WEDNESDAY
Anyone is welcome to visit us at any time on Wednesday evening.
Please contact RADARS via EMail where possible.  If not then phone:
Chairman -    Robert, M0NVQ     Tel: 07778113333
Secretary -     Phil, M0KPH           m0kph@)

The Committee (2017/18) - Regular meeting on last Wednesday of each month
John, G7OAI          QRZ.COM Link
and Editor of RADARS on Rochdale on Line
Robert, M0NVQ    QRZ.COM Link
Press/Publicity Officer
Senior Invigilator

Secretary and Lead Instructor (all levels)
Phil  M0KPH      
Dave, G7UCP

The rest of the Committee are:- 
Laurence Cook

Vice Chairman
Robert Baxter M0ZVF

Other club positions

Senior Examinations Invigilators

Robert M0NVQ  QRZ.COM Link
Dave, G7UCP   QRZ.COM Link
John G7OAI 

Bryan, G3RLE
Examinations Secretary and Auditor

RADARS Rally Organiser
Robert Lynch M0NVQ

Tel:  0777 811 3333

Vice Rally Organisers
  Robert Baxter M0ZVF
David Connor

New Website development
Andrew, G3DTP
QSL Manager