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1997 VHF NFD on Rooley Moor, Rochdale, 1534' ASL.

This is the back view of Tony, G1ITS, operating the 70cm rig during VFH NFD in 1997.
Tony, G1ITS
Here's the 2m and 4m antennas used during VHF NFD 1997. The fine weather soon changed though.
2m and 4m antennas during VHF NFD 1997
And here's Keith, G3RTU, from the Bury Amateur Radio Club helping us out and operating in the 4m CW section of the same contest.

Note the old, ex WW2, type 'D' morse key - and still G3RIK's favourite... but sending CQ 'test for 8 hours non stop gives a new meaning to RSI - hence the 'reluctant' acceptance of PCs.

Keith, G3RTU on 4m CW