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VHF NFD 1995, Rooley Moor, 5K N Rochdale
G1ITS operating, with G0PUD catching up on some light reading.

VHF NFD 1995.

2m, 4m and 70ck antennas used during VHF NFD 1995.
Phil, G8HDS (centre) taking a short tea break during the same event. (That's the only time anyone else gets to have a go at operating !!).

Now for some more:
Picture the scene.
Dave, G3RIK, deep in concentration - trying to work a weak station on 2m. 
Time - about midnight. 
Everything is still and quiet.
Merv creeps up behind the tent - and lets off a fire-cracker.

(well wouldn't you look surprised !!!)

Here's Dave, G3RIK now recovered - operating on 4m with a home-brew G3TDZ phasing transceiver.