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Foundation Licence Course -Pictures

Congratulations to all who took part in the course and on the final assessment day - 24th March 2002.
Everyone agreed it was a great day and the feedback from the candidates echoed that. 

Eddie (one of the foundation licence candidates) looking pleased with himself after succesfully connecting up an HF transceiver.  Andrew, G3DTP is seen testing the rig out on 40m in the clubs 'shack'.

Here's Phil, another candidate, practising sending CW shortly before his assessment.

He would like to use CW and intends getting up-to-speed through the clubs CW evenings and use of the 'morsecat' CW training program.

Here's Martin using an HF receiver to demonstrate to Tony (G1ITS) how to tune in an SSB signal.

They were also trying to outdo the 'shack' rig in finding some decent 'dx' on 15m

This is Steve, another candidate, practising tuning in SSB and CW signals on HF.

The little HF-125 receiver worked well on just a short length of wire thrown out of the window.

Andrew, G3DTP, setting up an HF receiver to allow the candidates to practice tuning in SSB and CW modes.

Eddie is seen looking on.

Tony, G1ITS, having a chat with Steve and Phil about the correct procedures to use on VHF/UHF and a hands-on logkeeping session.