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Planting the Versatower -Pictures

Bryan, G3RLE getting to grips with the early dig stage .... and here's Mervin, G0EUP hard at it .... and even Dave, G3RIK lending a hand.
...but here's Dave in his more usual position. ... getting deeper Now its getting serious.  Here's Andy, G3DTP on day two  ... and the hole is getting much deeper
... and who's getting thin on top? .... and deeper ... OK that's enough

So the hole is now dug.  About 4ft cube, which should be enough to hold a sixty foot tower.  Some ground spikes will be driven into the sides (about 3/4 the way down) before the concrete is poured in.  About 1.5 cu m will be needed.

After the concrete has set (about 1 week) the tower can be erected.