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Photos taken during VHF NFD 2010

The location was a few miles to the north of Rochdale, some 475m asl in the new location on Scout Moor Windfarm..  We are very grateful to all concerned in obtaining the special permission to be on-site which is normally closed for vehicle access.

Very impressive being so close to the turbine (#25) with it's 65m tower and 40m blades - which at least provided good protection for us against lightning.  Very quiet with just a gentle 'whoosh' when the blade passed overhead - just like being by the sea shore.

Usually wet and windy we managed again to have some quite nice weather - apart from the 70cm Tent getting blown down early on Sunday morning and getting a bit wet on Sunday afternoon when dismantling.

Dx conditions were excellent on both Saturday and Sunday for 6m and 4m but only fair on 2m and 70cm

the site
A view of the site
The antennas 6/4m, 2m, 70cm

Mix & Match Section

and are awarded the G5BY Trophy
with Certificates for the win
and for 70MHz win