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Photos taken during the Rochdale Rotarian's Water Walk 2002

The 2002 Rotary Club of Rochdale Water Walk.

Those present on this photo at the finish include the Lady Mayoress of Rochdale and the President of the Rotary Club

This is the 'Control Station' for the walk.

RADARS members provided the radio link to the check-in points and kept track of every walker during the event.

Nothing serious this year with excellent weather and easy walking conditions.

This close-up inside is of Tom Hobson, President of Rotary this year presenting certificates to Jenny (the long suffering wife of RADARS club treasurer Phil, G8HDS) and Edith, the 85 year old who successfully completed the 6 mile walk for the 2nd year.
The antenna used for the base control station, located this year on the roof of the school. 

In previous years a 40 foot telescopic mast had been used but last year the guys were cut by vandals so a safer location was chosen this year.