If you want to obtain an Amateur Radio Foundation Licence this book is for you. This is the very latest 5th edition of the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) book that contains all that is required to obtain a Foundation licence. Even if you just want to know about Amateur Radio this book provides insight into the technical basics, receivers, transmitters and antennas. How and where to operate with your new licence are covered along with safety considerations and electromagnetic compatibility. Written in an easy to use and understand style this is the ideal book for young and old alike.More information.

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This is the latest 6th edition of the Intermediate Licence - Building on the Foundation book is the latest incarnation of this invaluable book for those seeking to upgrade their Foundation callsign.
Designed to cover all elements of the Intermediate syllabus Intermediate Licence - Building on the Foundation is written in the same easy to understand style as the hugely popular Foundation Licence - Now !book, that many will be familiar with. This book divides the Intermediate syllabus into manageable half-hour worksheets that contain both theory and practical exercises. There is lots of helpful advice including important safety advice and tips. There is advice about how best to approach the practical assessments and the written exam itself. The book concludes with two exam type revision sections each of 20 questions to test the knowledge learned from the book.More information.

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This book is the third course-book in the RSGB series for those interested in obtaining an amateur radio licence. In line with the progressive three-tier UK licence structure Advance! the Full Licence Manual completes the natural progression from Intermediate Licence - Building on the Foundation and Foundation Licence Now!

Advance! the Full Licence Manual contains all of the information required to move to the final stage of amateur radio licensing. Based on the best-selling Radio Amateurs Examination Manual, the book has been extensively updated to match the Full licence syllabus. Broken down into logical sections to match the full licence syllabus the book is ideal for all those studying for the Full licence. Presented in an accessible style this book contains everything necessary for home study. Advance! the Full Licence Manual is also the ideal companion to a formal training course. The book provides a useful reference source and so will also find a home on the shelves of many amateurs who have passed the examination.More information.

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For those who are studying for the UK amateur radio examinations and want more information, then this is the book. Covering all three levels of amateur radio licence Amateur Radio Exam Secrets is designed to extend knowledge and test candidate's comprehension.
Amateur Radio Exam Secrets is divided into the topic areas that align with the Radio Communication Foundation (RCF) Syllabus for amateur radio examinations. Each section is numbered as in the syllabus and has a brief introduction to the material, followed by a number of sample questions. The introductions are designed to remind candidates of the important facts and relevant details. The questions provided are in the same style as the actual examinations and are typical of those candidates will meet. There is a full summary of answers, alongside sample papers for the Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced examinations. You will even find copies of the reference material provided to candidates during their examinations.
Amateur Radio Exam Secrets provides the ideal training course companion for both candidates and tutors. If you are by studying for any level of the amateur radio examination Amateur Radio Exam Secrets provides the ideal revision aid and quick reference book.





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