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Current mortgage interest Lloyds Bank

Below is an overview of the current mortgage interest rates of the Lloyds Bank mortgages.

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Lloyds Bank Mortgage

65% 80% 90%
1 year 0.90% 1.05% 1.15% quotation
5 years 0.96% 1.11% 1.21% quotation
6 years 0.96% 1.11% 1.21% quotation
10 years 1.04% 1.19% 1.29% quotation
15 years 1.25% 1.40% 1.50% quotation
20 years 1.35% 1.50% 1.60% quotation
30 years 1.70% 1.85% 1.95% quotation

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Overview of the latest interest rate changes

These interest rates have a limited validity period; therefore no rights can be derived from these interest rates.
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