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Home insurance

A home insurance policy is usually understood to mean a combination insurance of a home insurance policy, home insurance policy and liability insurance. As a home owner, you certainly need these insurance policies. The insurance policies mentioned are briefly explained below. The main reason for taking out these insurance policies in combination insurance is the fact that you often save money. There is often a discount. An additional reason may be that you would like to have 1 insurance company for all these insurances. If there is something, you can always turn to the same insurance company (or intermediary).
  • home insurance
    With home insurance (also often referred to as home insurance) you can insure your home and the associated immovable property against damage caused by burglary, fire and storm, among other things.
  • contents insurance
    With a home contents insurance you can insure your home contents (all movable property belonging to your household) against damage as a result of burglary, fire and storm, among other things.
  • liability insurance
    With a liability insurance you can cover the damage that you, as a private individual, unintentionally cause to others. This normally also includes damage caused by a defect in your home (eg due to a falling roof tile). That is why liability insurance is also part of the home insurance.
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