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Contents insurance

The moment you have a house (whether it is a rental house or a house for sale), you also have "contents". This includes all movable property. A rule of thumb that is often used to determine what movable property is is the rule that everything that is movable falls under movable property. And therefore under the cover of a home contents insurance. Think of furniture, equipment, clothing, etc.

With a home contents insurance you can insure these movable property against various forms of damage. You can think of damage due to fire, theft, storm, lightning strike, a leak in the aquarium and vandalism. How broad the coverage is depends on the type of home insurance. Of course, the following often applies: the broader the cover, the higher the premium.

Other insurance policies related to the mortgage

Other insurance policies that you may have to deal with when you take out a mortgage are home insurance , term life insurance and housing insurance.

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