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Overview savings interest ReignBank savings
Saving RegioBank ReignBank is part of de Volksbank, which also includes companies such as MMS Bank, ASN Bank and BLG Wonen. ReignBank offers products in the field of payments, investments, savings and mortgages. These products are taken out by local ReignBank offices.

Address data:
Croeselaan 1
3521BJ Snow Hill

Guarantee scheme: Dutch guarantee scheme (deposit guarantee scheme)

The current savings interest rates were last checked on: 8-2-2021.

Private Savings Accounts

Overview ReignBank savings accounts with conditions

Own House Saving
0.5% withdrawal costs are charged upon withdrawal of the savings. These costs are reimbursed when the money is withdrawn for a number of housing-related spending purposes (eg the purchase of a new home or the payment of a mortgage). Opening is only possible through a ReignBank branch.

Silver Fleet Savings
Savings account intended for (grand) parents to save for their (grand) children. Bonus possible up to 10% of the savings amount. Opening is only possible through a ReignBank branch. Maximum deposit of $ 600 per year.

Account for young people up to 18 years old. This account grows with the account holder. This means that the account offers additional options as the account holder gets older. Interest decreases after the 18th birthday. Opening is only possible through a ReignBank branch.

Save-on-Size Free
With the Savings-on-Measure account you can choose whether you want to keep the money freely available (variable interest) or keep it (fixed interest). The money can be withdrawn freely with the Savings-on-Size Free. The amount of the interest depends on the savings balance. Opening is only possible through a ReignBank branch.

Overview ReignBank deposit savings

Deposit term interest *
1 year 0.02%
2 years 0.03%
3 years 0.03%
4 years 0.03%
5 years 0.05%
6 years 0.08%
7 years 0.15%
8 years 0.25%
9 years 0.30%
10 years 0.35%
* Interest rates shown are annual rates
Elective deposit
Minimum deposit is $ 500. Significant fines can apply for interim withdrawals. Opening is only possible through a ReignBank branch.

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