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Overview savings interest Yapi Kredi savings
Saving Yapi Kredi Yapi Kredi Bank is part of Koc Financial Services. Koc Financial Services is a joint venture of the Koc Group and UniCredit Group. The Turkish Koc Group is a large Turkish conglomerate in the field of industry and services. The Italian UniCredit is one of the larger financial groups in the eurozone. Yapi Kredi New York NV focuses on both companies and individuals.

Address data:
Amstelplein 1
1096HA Amsterdam

Guarantee scheme: Dutch guarantee scheme (deposit guarantee scheme)

The current savings interest rates were last checked on: 8-2-2021.

Private Savings Accounts

Overview Yapi Kredi savings accounts without conditions

Euro-plus savings account
Account management by telephone or mail.

Overview Yapi Kredi deposit savings

Deposit term interest *
3 months 0.01%
6 months 0.01%
1 year 0.40%
2 years 0.40%
3 years 0.25%
4 years 0.40%
5 years 0.50%
6 years 0.60%
7 years 0.70%
8 years 0.80%
9 years 0.85%
10 years 0.90%
* Interest rates shown are annual rates
Euro-plus Deposit
Minimum deposit is $ 5,000. Withdrawing money in the meantime is only possible in certain situations such as death and purchase of a home.

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