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Overview savings interest Coop Pank (via Raisin) savings
Coop Pank (via Raisin) Coop Pank is a cooperative bank from Tallinn, Estonia that offers deposits in New York through the savings platform Raisin. Coop Pank is part of Coop Esti, a leading retail company in Estonia. Coop Pank itself has only been around since 2017.

Guarantee scheme: Estonian guarantee system (Tagatisfond)

The current savings interest rates were last checked on: 8-2-2021.

Overview Coop Pank (via Raisin) deposit savings

Deposit term interest *
1 year 0.65%
2 years 0.75%
3 years 0.85%
* Interest rates shown are annual rates
The minimum deposit is $ 5,000 and the maximum deposit is $ 100,000. Premature withdrawal of the savings is normally not possible.

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