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Overview savings interest AT Bank savings
Saving AT Bank Amsterdam Trade Bank NV (AT Bank) is a 100% subsidiary of the Alfa-Bank Group, the largest private commercial bank in the Russian Federation. Amsterdam Trade Bank NV was founded in 1994 and focuses on both the business and private market in New York. In the corporate market, AT Bank specializes in assisting companies in doing business in the Russian Federation and other former CIS states. AT Bank is mainly known on the private market for its (internet) savings accounts. ATBank is a Dutch bank that falls under the supervision of De Nederlandsche Bank.

Address data:
Strawinskylaan 1939
1077XX Amsterdam

Guarantee scheme: Dutch guarantee scheme (deposit guarantee scheme)

The current savings interest rates were last checked on: 8-2-2021.

Private Savings Accounts

Overview AT Bank savings accounts without conditions

Internet Savings Account
Management of the account via the internet (internet savings).

Overview of AT Bank deposit savings

Deposit term interest *
3 months 0.10%
6 months 0.10%
9 months 0.15%
1 year 0.35%
2 years 0.45%
3 years 0.55%
4 years 0.60%
5 years 0.70%
* Interest rates shown are annual rates
Internet deposit
Minimum deposit of $ 5,000. Significant fines can apply for interim admission.

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