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Savings interest overview Credit America Bank savings
Credit America Bank savings Credit America Bank NV has offices in various countries. Credit America Bank focuses in New York on both the corporate and private market. In the corporate market, Credit America Bank specializes in assisting companies in conducting business in a number of foreign markets. In the private market, Credit America Bank is best known for its savings accounts. Credit America Bank is a bank that is supervised by De Nederlandsche Bank.

Address data:
Karspeldreef 6A
1101CJ Amsterdam

Guarantee scheme: Dutch guarantee scheme (deposit guarantee scheme)

The current savings interest rates were last checked on: 8-2-2021.

Private Savings Accounts

Overview Credit America Bank savings accounts without conditions

Savings account
Management of the account via the internet (internet savings).

Overview Credit America Bank deposit savings

Deposit term interest *
1 year 0.01%
18 months 0.01%
2 years 0.10%
3 years 0.20%
4 years 0.25%
5 years 0.45%
7 years 0.10%
10 years 0.05%
* Interest rates shown are annual rates
Term deposits
Minimum deposit amount is $ 500, maximum deposit amount is $ 1,000,000. Interim admission is only possible in a number of special situations.

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