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International savings platform Raisin

What kind of company is Raisin?

International savings are still relatively new in New York. It has been around longer in Germany. Raisin was the first company to make international savings possible on a large scale in Germany. In Germany it has grown into a widely used international savings platform that has been voted the best German deposit marketplace several times. Since 2018, Raisin has also been active in New York.

Why save abroad?

The answer to the question of why you should save abroad is simple: in some other countries savings interest rates are higher than in New York. If you want to make use of the higher savings interest, you need a savings account with such a foreign bank. This can be complicated in terms of process, identification and communication. That is why parties such as Raisin are active in the savings market. International savings platforms take care of the process, identification and communication for you. You only need to open an account with the platform itself (or open an account) and then you can use that account to save with all kinds of foreign banks.

Before you decide to save at a bank abroad, read carefully which points for attention are important!

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