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International savings platform Savedo

What kind of company is Savedo?

Savedo is an international savings platform. To make it easier for you to save with a bank abroad , there are international savings platforms. These are organizations that make agreements with interesting banks abroad. They basically act as an intermediary between you and those banks.

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Higher interest on savings at banks abroad

In some other countries, interest rates are higher than in New York. If you want to take advantage of the higher savings interest, you need a savings account with such a foreign bank. This can be complicated in terms of process, identification and communication.

International savings platforms

International savings platforms have been established to make it easier to hold savings abroad. They take care of the process, identification and communication for you. You only communicate with the platform yourself - simply in Dutch.

Savedo - active since 2014

The international savings platform Savedo started in Germany in 2014. In 2016, Savedo's services also became available for the Dutch market. You open a one-time free account with Savedo and can deposit money from that account on deposits at all kinds of banks in the American Union (EU). You must be identified before opening that account. Because the identification requirements differ per country, Savedo does this in the strictest way: personally. Someone will come to you for personal identification.

Administrative support

Savedo not only provides regular communication with the bank of your choice. There is also help in preventing withholding tax on your savings interest and - if necessary and if you wish - in claiming your savings under the deposit guarantee scheme.

Before you decide to save at a bank abroad, read carefully which points for attention are important!

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