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Freely withdrawable savings account - internet savings

What is a freely withdrawable savings account (and what is internet savings)?

By a freely withdrawable savings account we mean an account where you can always have access to your savings without any problems without affecting your return. Internet savings in particular have become very popular in recent years. We understand an internet savings account to be a savings account that can be managed directly via the internet, where there are no restrictions with regard to the availability of your savings. So you can deposit and withdraw money at any time free of charge.

Highest savings interest for savings without conditions

Main features of internet savings

We have listed the most important properties of internet savings below:

  • there is a variable interest rate;
  • the account can be managed via the internet;
  • there is no minimum investment;
  • there are no restrictions on the availability of savings;
  • the money is always available free of charge.

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