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Savings in a Savings Ltd.

What is saving in a SpaarBV?

When you save in a Savings Ltd, you set up your own private company (Ltd) through the notary. Your savings (or part of them) becomes the assets of that Ltd, while it is in the name of the Ltd in a business savings account with a bank. The interest that your Ltd receives is taxed with corporate tax and you yourself pay on the profits of the Ltd income tax in box 2. This can result in a substantial tax advantage at a low savings interest: you do not pay tax on a fictitious return in box 3, but about the actual return you get on your savings.

Saving in a Savings Ltd is only interesting for people with large assets. Setting up and maintaining your own Ltd involves considerable costs. It also provides the necessary administrative hassle. The tax advantage that the construction provides must outweigh these disadvantages. Always seek the advice of a specialist before setting up a SpaarBV!

Main features of Saving in a Spaar Ltd

The most important features of saving in a Spaar Ltd are:

  • you need your own Ltd with associated costs and hassle
  • the money in the Ltd is no longer taxed in box 3
  • you pay corporation tax on the profit and income tax in box 2
  • only interesting with high powers

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