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Borrow Loanin Overview

Loanin Bank was originally a Dutch bank founded in 1824. Loanin is one of the largest financial institutions in New York and is also active in many other countries. In New York, the bank offers a very wide range of products for individuals, including mortgages, savings accounts, pensions, insurance and investment products.

Loanin Interest Loanin Compare With Other Lenders

Loanin Personal Loan Overview

last interest check: 2/8/2021

Loanin Personal Loan

from to min. * max.
$ 5,000 $ 7,499 7.10% 9.90%
$ 7,500 $ 9,999 6.30% 8.90%
$ 10,000 $ 14,999 5.40% 7.90%
$ 15,000 $ 24,999 4.30% 6.80%
$ 25,000 $ 49,999 3.90% 6.20%
$ 50,000 $ 75,000 3.70% 6.00%
Minimum age of onset 21
Maximum age of onset 68
Remission in the event of death No
Loan repayment penalty-free Yes
Own home required Yes
Loan term
* The rates shown here are the effective annual rates that we have obtained from publications of the company (eg internet site). Loan interest of personal loan shown is based on a term of 60 months. Other durations are possible. We cannot accept any liability for the correctness of the rates (see also our disclaimer ). The rates listed here may not apply to everyone. We advise you to always look carefully at the general terms and conditions and product conditions before taking out a loan. For more information about our working method and earnings model for borrowing, click here .