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Borrow with a pension

Lenders look at several factors to determine whether or not to provide someone with a loan. A very important factor is the type of income. Lenders apply different acceptance criteria for each type of income. Borrowing with a pension income is possible, but is not possible with every lender. A pension in itself does not provide less security, but age does play a role. Lenders apply a maximum age for applying for a loan. This maximum age differs per lender.

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Borrow with other retirement income

If you also have other pension supplements, such as an annuity, whether or not in addition to an employer's pension and AOW, this can often also be included in the maximum loan calculation . Note that if the supplement has a short term, the lender can decide not to include it.

Other factors

Lenders look at factors other than income alone before granting a loan. The most important and most common factors besides the type of income are:
  • level of income;
  • housing situation and housing costs;
  • Credit Registration Office (with a negative registration a loan is rarely granted);
  • family situation (a single person often has lower costs than a family with a few children);
  • age.