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South Korean interest rate (base rate)

Current and historical interest rates of the South Korean central bank

Below is a table showing the recent interest rate development of the base rate of the South Korean central bank (Bank of Korea). This rate is often referred to when it comes to "the South Korean interest rate".

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Latest interest rate changes
Modification date Interest
28-05-2020 0.50%
16-03-2020 0.75%
16-10-2019 1.25%
18-07-2019 1.50%
30-11-2018 1.75%
30-11-2017 1.50%
09-06-2016 1.25%
11-06-2015 1.50%
12-03-2015 1.75%
15-10-2014 2.00%

The table above is adjusted with every interest rate change by the South Korean central bank.

Graph with historical South Korean interest rates

The graph above shows the historical development of the South Korean central bank's base rate.