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Overview of the latest interest rate changes

On this page you will find an overview of the latest interest rate changes in the field of mortgages , savings and loans . We keep track of the interest rates of a large number of companies and for all these companies you can see below the date on which the last interest rate change took effect (or will take effect) and whether there was (was) an interest rate reduction, an interest rate increase or both an interest rate reduction and an interest rate hike.

If you want to see the current interest rates, click on the name of the company of your choice.

Latest interest rate changes mortgages

Last check 08-02-2021
Date Society Towards last change
09-02-2021 Hypotrust (Woon Bewust Mortgage)
09-02-2021 Vista Mortgages (Mortgage)
08-02-2021 Hypotrust (Free Life Mortgage)
08-02-2021 Lot (Mortgage)
08-02-2021 NIBC Direct (Extra Mortgage)
08-02-2021 NIBC Direct (Mortgage)
05-02-2021 Allianz (Mortgage)
05-02-2021 bijBouwe (Mortgage)
05-02-2021 BLG Wonen (Mortgage)
05-02-2021 Hypotrust (Comfort Mortgage Profit)
05-02-2021 Hypotrust (Elan Plus Mortgage)
05-02-2021 RegioBank (Mortgage)
05-02-2021 MMS Bank (Mortgage)
05-02-2021 Venn (Mortgage)
04-02-2021 Argenta (Mortgage)
04-02-2021 HollandWoont (Mortgage)
04-02-2021 ING (Basic Interest Mortgage)
04-02-2021 ING (Daily Interest Mortgage)
04-02-2021 Robust Mortgages (Mortgage)
04-02-2021 Woonfonds (Woongenot Mortgage)
03-02-2021 Loanin (Budget Mortgage)
03-02-2021 Loanin (Budget Mortgage Sustainable)
03-02-2021 Loanin (Residential Mortgage)
03-02-2021 Loanin (Sustainable Residential Mortgage)
03-02-2021 ASR (DigiThuis Mortgage)
03-02-2021 ASR (WelThuis mortgage)
03-02-2021 Florius (Profit Three + Three Mortgage)
03-02-2021 Florius (Profijt twelve mortgage)
03-02-2021 Merius Mortgages (Mortgage)
03-02-2021 Moneyou (Mortgage)
03-02-2021 National ShareB (Mortgage)
03-02-2021 National ShareB (New Build Mortgage)
03-02-2021 Duodos Bank (Mortgage Energy Label C)
03-02-2021 Woonnu (Mortgage Energy Label C)
02-02-2021 MUNT Mortgages (Mortgage)
02-02-2021 Obvion (Residential Mortgage)
01-02-2021 Rabobank (Basic Mortgage Sustainable)
01-02-2021 Rabobank (Basic Mortgage Conditions)
01-02-2021 Rabobank (Mortgage Plus Conditions)
01-02-2021 Rabobank (Plus Mortgage Sustainable)
29-01-2021 Lloyds Bank (Mortgage)
28-01-2021 IQWOON (Mortgage)
27-01-2021 AEGON (Mortgages)
27-01-2021 Attens (Mortgage)
22-01-2021 Syntrus Achmea (Basic mortgage)
22-01-2021 Syntrus Achmea (Comfort mortgage)
24-12-2020 Hypotrust (Good Start Mortgage)
11-11-2020 Central Management (Home Mortgage)
22-07-2020 German Volksbank (Mortgage)
13-07-2020 Tulip Mortgages (Mortgage)
interest rate cut interest rate hike interest rate cut and interest rate hike unknown Compare current mortgage rates

Save last interest rate changes

Date Society Towards last change
05-02-2021 Argenta (Internet savings account)
05-02-2021 Argenta (Youth savings account)
02-02-2021 National ShareB (Internet savings)
28-01-2021 Bigbank (Deposit)
26-01-2021 CiviBank (via Raisin) (Deposit)
20-01-2021 InBank (via Raisin) (Deposit)
18-01-2021 Imprebanca (via Raisin) (Deposit)
15-01-2021 Knab (Deposit)
15-01-2021 Rabobank (Deposit)
15-01-2021 Rabobank (Target Savings)
12-01-2021 BlueOrange (via Raisin) (Deposit)
08-01-2021 LHV (via Raisin) (Deposit)
07-01-2021 NIBC Direct (Direct Savings Account)
07-01-2021 NIBC Direct (Quarterly Savings Account)
01-01-2021 Loanin (Investor Savings Account)
01-01-2021 Loanin (Direct Quarterly Savings)
01-01-2021 Loanin (Instant Savings)
01-01-2021 Loanin (Youth Growth Account)
01-01-2021 Loanin (KinderToekomst Savings Account)
01-01-2021 Loanin (Equity Savings Account)
01-01-2021 ING (Grow Bigger Account)
01-01-2021 ING (Child account)
01-01-2021 ING (Orange Savings Account)
01-01-2021 Rabobank (Generation Savings Plus)
01-01-2021 Rabobank (Internet Savings)
01-01-2021 Rabobank (Internet Savings for Young People)
01-01-2021 Rabobank (Rabo Youth Account)
01-01-2021 Rabobank (Rainbow Account)
01-01-2021 RegioBank (Custom Savings Free)
01-01-2021 Robeco (Roparco Savings)
01-01-2021 Duodos Bank (Children's Future Plan)
01-01-2021 Van Lanschot (Savings account)
31-12-2020 Knab (Flexible Savings)
31-12-2020 Knab (Quarterly Savings)
23-12-2020 Banca Promos (via Raisin) (Deposit)
22-12-2020 Bigbank (Flexible Savings)
22-12-2020 Coop Pank (via Raisin) (Deposit)
21-12-2020 Yapi Kredi (Euro-plus Deposit)
18-12-2020 CKV Savings Bank (via Raisin) (Deposit)
17-12-2020 Central Management (Fixed Interest Account)
17-12-2020 DHB Bank (Combi Savings Account 99)
25-11-2020 Anadolubank (Alfa Deposit Account)
23-11-2020 J&T Banka (via Raisin) (Deposit)
20-11-2020 Argenta (Term Deposit)
20-11-2020 AT Bank (Internet deposit)
19-11-2020 ASN Bank (Youth savings)
12-11-2020 DHB Bank (Combi Savings Account 66)
06-11-2020 National ShareB (Deposit savings)
01-11-2020 MMS Bank (Internet Savings)
16-10-2020 Banca Privata Leasing (via Raisin) (Deposit)
14-10-2020 LeasePlan Bank (Deposit savings)
12-10-2020 DHB Bank (Combi Savings Account 33)
03-10-2020 Credit America Bank (Savings account)
03-10-2020 Credit America Bank (Term Deposit)
01-10-2020 GarantiBank (Golden Term Deposit)
01-10-2020 Lloyds Bank (Internet Savings Account)
07-09-2020 DHB Bank (S @ veOnline Account)
07-09-2020 DHB Bank (VoorSpoed Account)
04-09-2020 GarantiBank (Golden Internet Account)
04-09-2020 GarantiBank (Golden Clover Account)
01-09-2020 LeasePlan Bank (Flexible Savings)
25-08-2020 North Channel (via Raisin) (Deposit)
10-08-2020 BFF Group (via Raisin) (Deposit)
10-08-2020 Openbank (Open Savings Account)
01-07-2020 Banca Progetto (via Raisin) (Deposit)
01-07-2020 Duodos Bank (Internet Savings)
26-05-2020 Brand New Day (Savings account)
18-05-2020 Yapi Kredi (Euro-plus savings account)
16-03-2020 Van Lanschot (Deposit account)
12-03-2020 Loanin (Savings Deposit)
05-03-2020 ASN Bank (Investment account)
05-03-2020 ASN Bank (Deposit savings)
05-03-2020 ASN Bank (Ideaalsparen)
19-02-2020 RegioBank (Private Home Savings)
19-02-2020 RegioBank (JongWijs)
19-02-2020 RegioBank (Elective Deposit)
19-02-2020 RegioBank (Silver Fleet Savings)
19-02-2020 MMS Bank (Youth Savings)
19-02-2020 MMS Bank (Elective Deposit)
19-02-2020 MMS Bank (Silver Fleet Savings)
27-01-2020 Central Management (Interest Plus Account)
27-01-2020 DHB Bank (Deposit account)
27-01-2020 DHB Bank (Maxi Savings account)
20-01-2020 NIBC Direct (Term Deposit)
16-01-2020 Anadolubank (Alfa Rente Direct Savings Account)
16-01-2020 Anadolubank (Alfa Smarter Savings)
16-01-2020 Anadolubank (Alfa Savings Account)
01-11-2019 AT Bank (Internet Savings Account)
01-10-2019 Evi van Lanschot (Evi Savings Account)
27-02-2019 Bunq (Premium)
16-01-2019 Alior Bank (via Raisin) (Deposit)
02-04-2018 Euram Bank (via Raisin) (Deposit)
interest rate cut interest rate hike interest rate cut and interest rate hike unknown Compare current savings rates