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Capital market interest

Current interest rates on the capital market

Below is a table with an overview of the most recent closing positions of the 10-year Dutch government loan. This rate is often referred to when it comes to "the capital market rate".

Current capital market interest rates
Date Interest
05-02-2021 -0.387%
04-02-2021 -0.401%
03-02-2021 -0.399%
02-02-2021 -0.419%
01-02-2021 -0.442%
29-01-2021 -0.458%
28-01-2021 -0.491%
27-01-2021 -0.485%
26-01-2021 -0.468%
25-01-2021 -0.489%

What is the capital market interest?

The capital market is often understood to mean that part of the capital market where the loans have a term of more than 2 years. Short-term loans are about the money market. Many loans are traded on the capital market. An important interest rate (if not the most important rate) on the Dutch capital market interest rate is the interest on the Dutch 10-year government loan / government bond.

Capital market interest and your mortgage or loan

Capital market interest rates are closely monitored by anyone who follows developments in the interest rate markets. The reason is that other interest rates, such as longer-term mortgage rates, often follow capital market rates. Many banks consider the capital market interest to be an important benchmark (frame of reference) in determining their interest rates on interest products with a longer maturity. The Nationalbank interest rates are an important benchmark for short-term interest rates .

Historical data capital market interest rate 10 years

The graph above shows the historical development of the Dutch capital market interest.