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Shineloan - Premium Revolving Credit 6.10% 6.10% quotation
Directa - Revolving credit 6.10% 6.10% quotation
Shineloan - Homeowner Revolving Credit 6.20% 7.30% quotation
Shineloan - Revolving Credit 6.30% 7.40% quotation
Lender - Revolving Credit 6.30% 8.40% quotation
LPN - Revolving home owner credit 7.20% 7.20%
no quotation possible details
LPN - Revolving credit 8.40% 8.40%
no quotation possible details
Santander - Revolving credit 8.70% 8.70%
no quotation possible details
1 The stated interest rates for borrowing are effective annual interest rates that we obtain from information sources provided by the lenders themselves. The interest of a personal loan is based on a term of 60 months, other terms are possible. You cannot derive any rights from these interest rates for borrowing money ( disclaimer ). Want to know more about how we work? Check our method and earnings model when borrowing.

The loan interest rates were last checked: 2/8/2021.

Points for attention when comparing revolving credit

Comparing revolving credits is basically simple: it concerns the lowest interest, which you will find in our comparison.

What is revolving credit?

Do you have a good idea of ​​what revolving credit is and how it works? What are the differences with the personal loan? That is important if you make the choice for this form of borrowing money . That is why we will briefly discuss this with you.

Flexible versus fixed

The revolving credit (DK or DLK) is very flexible: in fact you do not get more than a limit, a limit to where you can withdraw money. You can pay off whatever you want at any time and withdraw money again - as long as you stay within the credit limit. The interest of a DK is variable, as is the term.

A personal loan (PL) is actually fixed. The borrowed amount will be deposited into your account, after which everything is fixed: interest rate, term and monthly amount. It is not possible to withdraw repaid amounts again with a PL.

Choose between DK and PL

The types of credit are so different that it is often quickly clear which one suits you best. With a revolving credit opts for flexibility and some uncertainty because of the variable interest. If that is what you want, choose the DK and compare the options.

Differences in interest and conditions

In our comparison of revolving loans you can see at a glance the differences in loan interest rates. However, that's not the only thing to look at. The interest with a DK is variable and can therefore change at any time. In addition, there are various conditions that can differ per lender. More information about the interest and conditions can be found in the Details of the loan.

Conditions for revolving credit

A DK has a number of conditions that are good to look at when comparing:

  • the age of onset
  • remission in the event of death: is the outstanding credit forgiven in the event of death or recovered from the next of kin?
  • monthly amount percentage: what percentage of the credit limit do you pay per month?

Interest rate differentials

The interest on a revolving credit differs per bank and often decreases as the credit limit is higher. In addition, the interest is variable, so you are not sure that the cheapest choice will remain the cheapest later on. It is therefore good to keep an eye on interest rates. Transferring to another lender is fine if it later turns out to be cheaper.

Track interest on revolving credit

Given the variable interest rate of the revolving credit, it is wise to keep an eye on the development of the loan interest. We keep a daily record of the interest and process it directly on our website. Via our Radars-me MailService, we periodically send an Update Loans, with which you receive the current lowest loan interest in your mailbox.

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