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Lender and Spender - Personal Loan 4.90% 6.90% quotation
Directa - Personal loan 5.00% 5.00% quotation
HanapIn - Personal Loan 5.00% 5.00% quotation
Lineloan - Personal loan 5.00% 5.00% quotation
Loanin - Personal Loan 5.40% 7.90%
no quotation possible details
National ShareB - Personal Loan 5.80% 8.70% quotation
BB Bank PF - Personal Basic Loan 5.90% 7.40% quotation
Lender - Personal loan 5.90% 7.90% quotation
Shineloan - Personal Loan Premium 6.00% 6.00% quotation
Onebank - Personal Loan 6.00% 8.40% quotation
Shineloan - Homeowner Personal Loan 6.10% 8.00% quotation
Shineloan - Personal Loan 6.20% 8.20% quotation
LPN - Personal Loan for remodeling 6.20% 6.20%
no quotation possible details
Rarebank - Personal loan 6.30% 6.30%
no quotation possible details
BB Bank PF - Personal Loan 6.40% 7.60% quotation
LPN - Personal Loan 6.60% 6.60%
no quotation possible details
Santander - Personal loan 8.50% 8.50%
no quotation possible details
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1 The stated interest rates for borrowing are effective annual interest rates that we obtain from information sources provided by the lenders themselves. The interest of a personal loan is based on a term of 60 months, other terms are possible. You cannot derive any rights from these interest rates for borrowing money ( disclaimer ). Want to know more about how we work? Check our method and earnings model when borrowing.

The loan interest rates were last checked: 2/8/2021.

Points of attention when comparing a personal loan

Do you want to borrow money and have you chosen a personal loan (PL) as a loan form? Then you can compare the options with the different lenders.

Compare interest and conditions

In our personal loan comparison you can easily find the PL with the lowest interest rate. In addition, you can check the conditions in the Details, so that you will not be faced with surprises.

Personal loan: fixed interest

A PL has a fixed interest rate: you make a number of agreements with the bank when you take out - these no longer change during the term. Those agreements are about:

  • the loan interest
  • the term
  • the loan amount

The monthly amount that you have to pay for the loan automatically follows from this data.

Alternative: revolving credit

An alternative to the personal loan is the revolving credit (DK): it has a variable interest rate and also offers a lot of flexibility on other points. With that type of credit you can withdraw the paid amounts again and make additional repayments as much and as often as you want. As a result, the term is not fixed in advance. The only thing that is fixed with the DK is the monthly amount. So that is a very different type of loan than the PL. It is the choice between clarity and flexibility.

Conditions for a PL

In the details of each personal loan on our website you will find information about:

  • the age of onset
  • remission in the event of death: will the remaining amount be remitted in the event of death, or will the next of kin have to pay this?
  • repayment without penalty: can you repay your loan during the term without penalty?

Track Personal Loan Interest

You may think: the interest for my personal loan is fixed, so I no longer have to look at it? That is only partly true. Indeed, the interest is no longer adjusted by the lender.

Making an interim transfer can be beneficial

However, if the interest on new personal loans decreases over time, it may be beneficial to transfer your loan to another bank at any time. That is why it makes sense to keep an eye on the loan interest after taking out your PL.

Do not miss an advantage: Update Loans in your mail

We keep a daily record of the loan interest and process it directly on our website. Via our Radars-me MailService, we periodically send an Update Loans, with which you receive the current lowest loan interest in your mailbox.

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