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Allstate has the highest rates for good drivers among its major competitors, based on our analysis of average national auto insurance rates. Geico arrived with the lowest.

Allstate fares go up by about $ 270 per year if you get a speeding ticket, based on national averages. Here, too, Allstate’s auto insurance rates are higher than the average rates of competitors.

Expect a rate hike if you cause an accident that injures someone else. Allstate drops the hammer in the form of an average raise of about $ 1,658 per year, which also makes it the most expensive in its category. In that case, State Farm may be your best bet among the best insurers.

Allstate auto insurance rates for drivers who have a DUI conviction are the highest compared to its major competitors. In this situation, companies like State Farm will likely offer you a much more competitive rate.

Having a gap in your insurance history usually means you’ll pay more when you buy a policy. With Allstate, that’s about $ 125, which still puts Allstate’s auto insurance rates the most expensive compared to the average rates of the largest insurers.

Being a driver with poor credit can really drive up your auto insurance rates. In this situation, Geico is among the most competitive, based on national averages. Allstate auto insurance rates are expensive for poor credit drivers, but lower than State Farm rates.

The level of auto insurance complaints against Allstate was lower than that of other major insurers in 2020. Allstate complaints were also significantly below the industry average.


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