Antop AT-405BV Indoor / Outdoor HDTV Antenna is for sale at HSN



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Reach out and grab a ton of local TV channels and live sports. (Photo: HSN)

You don’t have a cable? Guess what? You can still access broadcast TV channels like NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, and PBS – they’re completely free. The catch: you need a digital TV antenna … and not a pair of those prehistoric “bunny ears” either.

We are here to help you. Enter the Antop AT-405BV Indoor / Outdoor HDTV Antenna, a reliable digital powerhouse that will pick up all the free TV broadcast signals floating around your home. And it comes with a host of accessories, all on sale for just $ 65 more at HSN, a savings of 35%!

$ 65 $ 100 at HSN

Kit also includes insert module with smart switch, AC / DC power adapter, 33 inch coaxial cable, indoor bracket, pole mount kit, user manual and documentation , one-year manufacturer’s limited warranty, and numerous subscription services (listed below).

And if you prefer not to pay all at once (why?), HSN allows you to opt for five “FlexPays” of $ 13, without any interest. New to HSN? Get an additional $ 20 off with the promotional code HSN2021 at checkout – and bring the price down to just $ 55. Plus, free delivery!

Live TV channels

The Antop Indoor / Outdoor HDTV Antenna (available in white) has a wide range of 80 miles – farther than most digital TV antennas – and supports Full HD quality at 1080p. So whether you have an older TV or a newer 4K TV, this digital TV antenna will give you the best possible live picture quality. See it in action here, and see how many TV channels are available in your area here.

Take one and (heh) spread the good deal you just got to all of your friends.  (Photo: HSN)

Take one and (heh) spread the good deal you just got to all of your friends. (Photo: HSN)

$ 65 $ 100 at HSN

No static at all …

The sustainable digital television antenna is so powerful that it has its own power source; this is how it can pick up channels so far apart. Its range is multidirectional without “blind spots” which weaken the signal strength. It even blocks unwanted signals, so phone and radio waves don’t interfere with your picture quality.

More gifts

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about these free subscription services. You get Antop’s TV Guide, a $ 25 coupon, a two-month subscription to, three months of Yoga International membership, and three months of Curious service.

At $ 65 (instead of $ 100), the genius gadget even works for multiple TVs – just split the antenna cable with any coaxial cable splitter to get all that free programming to every station in your home.

$ 65 $ 100 at HSN

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