China’s proposed hypersonic weapon could wipe out power and communication lines within 2 km radius in 10 seconds



China is now considering creating a hypersonic weapon that would be powerful enough to destroy all electronic devices within a specific range.

The proposal also states that the missile is six times faster than the speed of sound.

For ranged attacks, this technology can inflict severe damage on targets up to 3000 km away.

Chinese hypersonic weapon could disrupt telecommunications infrastructure

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Beijing, CHINA: Visitors walk past China’s second nuclear missile during their visit to the Beijing Military Museum on July 23, 2007. The US military said on July 22 that its troops found Chinese-made missiles that , according to them, were smuggled into Iraq by groups from Iran in order to arm groups fighting US-led forces.

According to a report updated by The Sun, the hypersonic missile will be suitable for casualty-free warfare by generating a chemical explosion in a particular target area. This powerful weapon will also use electromagnetic waves which will damage telecommunications systems.

The hypersonic weapon would go undetected by early warning signals from enemies thanks to its active stealth ability.

Chinese researchers said even ground-based radars could be bypassed by this EMP weapon, unlike the usual ballistic missile.

According to Sun Zheng, an engineering scientist who co-wrote a journal titled “Tactical Missile Technology,” there would be no casualties after the weapon exploded in a particular location.

Upon landing, the hypersonic weapon will operate electronic devices within a 2 km radius. The electromagnetic pulses will interfere with the connection of telecom sites.

There will be no one who will be injured during the impact.

Hypersonic Flux Compression Generator will produce shock energy

On Sunday, September 26, the South China Morning Post reported that the weapon would have a so-called “stream compression generator.” This electrically charged magnet will be responsible for producing a fleeting explosion of energies in the form of shock waves.

The hypersonic EMP weapon could be thought of as nuclear weaponry that would set off chemical explosions in an area.

Scientists have said that this weapon cannot be easily detected by suspecting enemies. The stealth technology behind this creation involves the conversion of heat to electricity.

Once environmental heat became another form of energy, electricity would supply more power to the hypersonic missile’s plasma generators.

The researchers also noted that compared to other non-nuclear EMP bombs, this weapon would contain no batteries. Instead of dry cells, super capacitors will be used.

Additionally, the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology team wrote that in just 10 seconds, 95% of the weapon’s energy will be emitted.

Currently, Chinese scientists have clarified that they are still working on the concept of the proposal. They guaranteed that he would have a “fundamental role” in the field of weapons technology.

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Hypersonic missiles from other countries

Last year, a special hypersonic cruise missile was launched on President Vladimir Putin’s birthday. Prior to the event, the weapon underwent a test launch in the Barents Sea.

Putin welcomed the idea of ​​releasing the 3M22 Zircon in open water. The Russian leader saw this as a watershed moment for the country to ensure security around the nation.

Two months later, after Russia launched the weapon, the United States and Australia announced a bilateral agreement to create a similar hypersonic weapon.

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