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Every budding businessman aspires to be like Bill Gates, Phil Knight, or Anita Roddick because they all built significant organizations and were the long-term leaders of their businesses.

However, successful CEOs/founders are a relatively rare breed.

The establishment of Bulika Koko was proclaimed on July 23, 2022 in the Upper East of Ghana, with the aim of bridging the gap between customers and growers.

Bulika Koko quickly grew in popularity and became a household name, attracting many locals and visitors.

Bulika Koko belonged to all the media, which sold him everywhere. Even the identity of the business owner was elusive.

In order to provide a healthy and balanced breakfast to the inhabitants of Bolgatanga and its surroundings, Simon Agana Blessing Azongo came up with the concept of Bulika Koko in 2014.

The thought of a man selling porridge (koko) discouraged the 36-year-old school psychologist when several friends made fun of it, leading him to give it up.

Barkisu Sule, 32, one of them, recalls: “I thought he was joking and wondered why the man would sell Koko.”

However, Mr. Azongo found this discouraging. He was unable to read the thoughts of Barkisu and the others.

The closure of Bulika Koko

The concept was revived in 2021, however, when Mr. Azongo noticed that the outbreak and the lack of a location in the area that offered a variety of breakfast options at any given time when customers were going looking for the whole breakfast brought the two together.

He made the decision to make up for that by opening a breakfast joint where customers can go and order any kind of breakfast they like.

Another problem that needed to be addressed, according to Mr. Azongo, was that most koko outlets served their food outdoors without a good hygienic atmosphere, which essentially deterred many people from frequenting them, and he did not there was no quality delivery method available.

Mr. Azongo founded Bulika Koko specifically to fill these voids.

He made deliveries to offices in every part of the Bolga initially for free, but later for a fee of 1 cedi.

The closure of Bulika Koko

“I had branded packs and mugs for delivery.”

Morning is the meaning of the word Guruni bulika. Morning koko is called bulika koko.

After business started picking up, Barkisu became enthusiastic and even asked to help Mr. Azongo.

She says, “I was excited because everything was going well.”

Mr. Azongo’s savings of 12,000 cedis were used to start the business which lasted only one year of operation.

The closure of Bulika Koko

He started with four clients, all of whom gave him great feedback and recommendations.

The customer base grew to 30, but Mr. Azongo said he never made a profit while running the business.

Later, Mr. Azongo discovered that he was selling a package for much less than the cost.

Mr. Azongo announced on Facebook on July 23, 2022 that he had decided to close the business due to ongoing losses.

The closure of Bulika Koko

The Facebook post read: “Despite his best efforts, he was forced to close the business due to the continuous increase in food prices. Once he spent GHS 16.00 to prepare a box of breakfast, which he then sold for Ghs 8.00. In a sense, he was selling at a loss.

Although he is on the ground, for the moment, Mr. Azongo swore that he had not yet come out.

“Bulika KoKo will be back sooner than expected.”

Many consumers who liked Bulika koko and sympathized with Mr. Azongo were surprised by the announcement.

A1 radio journalist Joshua Asaah was instrumental in promoting Bulika Koko.

The closure of Bulika Koko

He laments that the nation’s current system kills hopes and enterprises. For him, it’s a dark time.

“Then you should know. The current system in the country is killing businesses/dreams. Sad times.”

Just a matter of time, Mr. Asaah remarked that the business will recover even bigger and stronger.

It is fortunate that the company temporarily employs people.

Linda Barden, a Bolgatanga-based NGO worker and dedicated client, is shocked by the closure.

“Very surprising,” she said in a WhatsApp conversation with JoyNews Mahmud Mohammed-Nurudeen.

The closure of Bulika Koko

Due to work commitments, Madame Barden found it difficult to order, but she says Bulika Koko was a delicious breakfast that could compete favorably with other notable culinary endeavors.

Madame Barden was asked how the closure might affect her, but she replied, “Well, I’ll have to find an alternative.”

There are also surprises for non-customers of Bulika Koko. This suggests that the company may have had some fans.

“A brand or a company never dies, unless its owner kills it. And it dies primarily in the heart of the business owner, and then in the people who have made it a part of their lives. We’ll be back, No matter how many times we rise and fall. We’ll be back,” Chris Kevin posted on Facebook.

Mr. Azongo was seen as just another individual trying to make it in the local food industry.

The closure of Bulika Koko

It takes work to grow a growing business. Azongo’s failure, however, prompted responses beyond goodbyes and apathetic shrugs on Facebook.

Mr. Azongo carried out a profit and loss analysis before the start of the business. This was encouraging as he thought he could initially generate about 50.00 Gh profit every day.

This was after all deductions, including the payment of four employees who received monthly salaries ranging from 250 to 300 cedis.

Mr. Azongo doesn’t have many regrets, but he sometimes regrets investing the money differently or “keeping it in my account for emergencies”, such as when he was accepted to pursue his master’s degree in philosophy.

The closure of Bulika Koko

“However, in general, I don’t have many regrets. It also gave me the chance to study. How to interact with customers, how to supervise employees, and the challenges of owning a business. These encounters have all been wonderful.

But if Mr. Azongo starts again, what will he change? “If I had to start all over again, I would change the organizational setup. Instead of selling exclusively in packs, I will give them the option to buy at their preferred price. »

In addition, Mr. Agana will want to improve his staff.

“I will hire employees who are ready to commit to the company’s goals and who know the business concept.”


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