“Integrated Command Control Center will improve security,” says Chandigarh smart city team



The Integrated Command Control Center (ICCC) is set to provide services to citizens in the areas of traffic management, health and water, a team of officials from the Chandigarh Smart office said on Thursday. City Limited.

Chandigarh Smart City Limited chief general manager NP Sharma told The Indian Express that the ICCC will act as a mastermind for the city itself. “It will identify certain data and then analyze it for the administration, which can therefore take corrective measures. He can analyze a particular disease that has broken out in a certain area, ”he said. ICCC uses its data to understand trends and patterns and predict an event or incident for citizens and government. “A main goal here is to improve safety and security, improve the efficiency of municipal services and promote a better quality of life for residents,” added Sharma.

In demonstrations given to elected officials, students and citizens, officials spoke about developing a comprehensive system that uses geospatial data to improve understanding of complex urban systems and improve their efficiency and safety.

“The ICCC acts as a supporting engine for the emergency response system by providing an interface to coordinate multiple services such as police, traffic police, firefighters, ambulances, hospitals, etc., in emergency. This provides alerts and predicts problems, enabling timely decision making and action support. A unique feature of the solution is real-time data visualization, which assists in the continuous monitoring of various critical parameters across the city, ”said Sharma.

Intelligent traffic management system

1700 types of cameras were installed at 10 locations, for the intelligent traffic management system, to detect speeding. This automatic violation detection system will act as a catalyst to improve road safety in Chandigarh by helping to effectively enforce traffic rules, while creating a transparent and accountable system. The Adaptive Traffic Control System (ATCS) will reduce waiting time at intersections by detecting various predefined incidents and creating alerts for the operator to take necessary action. ATCS will also automatically adapt traffic light schedules based on real-time traffic conditions and optimize traffic flow. This should significantly reduce the waiting time at intersections and avoid wasting fuel. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) assisted speed cameras will capture the license plates or license plates of offending vehicles in real time.

Other services provided with the ICCC integration include basic utilities like water, solid waste and wastewater management, street lighting and parking management, e-governance and utilities. emergency such as disaster management.



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