Lady from library, other ghosts return to Gainesville branch, according to staff, paranormal investigators


“At one point there was sort of a fire in Gainesville,” Roffe said. “The theory was that she was very worried because her husband was fighting the fires. She goes to the window to look for him.

Roffe and his team have been researching and investigating at the library since 2009 and believe they have also found the presence of a male ghost who can be heard hissing from time to time; a cranky old entity who likes to hang out in the genealogy section; and a little girl who spends time near children’s books.

Roffe said the voices and sounds of the Library Lady and other spirits were recorded using various equipment. His team used an electronic recorder of vocal phenomena; something she calls a “boo bear,” which is a teddy bear that has sensors to detect electromagnetic wave differences and temperature changes and asks her own questions from a computer-generated list; and a rem-pod, which emits an electromagnetic field which, if interrupted, beeps and turns on.

Using this equipment in June, Roffe said his team recorded indistinguishable noises and voices throughout the library.

“This was activated twice in June at the library as we were trying to get in touch with a little girl hanging out in the children’s section,” she said.

Adrianne Junius, deputy director of the Hall County Library System, said that since the library reopened, staff have also experienced an unexplained phenomenon again.

Junius said a member of staff arrived early in the morning before everyone else and heard a very happy “hello” behind her. No one was there when she turned to look, Junius said.

Junius said a member of staff, as he was putting away books, saw what appeared to be a Native American’s moccasin. Another briefly saw a woman in an old-fashioned skirt in the mail room away from where the guests would be, she said.

The ghosts don’t seem to have any intention of leaving the library, Roffe said.

“The Ghostbusters told me they don’t think anything has been resolved since we redeveloped, and that’s okay,” Junius said.

When the paranormal team came last summer, Junius said their camera would shut off on its own and the batteries would be depleted.

“He had emptied it so many times they said, ‘OK’ and they plugged it into the wall, and I’m just sitting across the street and the camera beeps and we looked at it and it went. was fed himself down, ”Junius said.

Friends of the Hall County Library will be hosting a Dark and Stormy Night Ghost Storytelling Event at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, October 22 at the Gainesville branch. The event will include local ghost stories, Native American tales, and the discoveries and experiences within the library itself.


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