Learners learned the history of aviation


Learners in grades 3-7 from the West Rand Study Center (WRSC) recently visited the South African Airway Museum at Rand airport in Germiston.

There, local resident and museum volunteer guide Margaret Boshoff entertained them on an imaginary international flight aboard the gigantic 50-year-old Boeing 747 on display.

“The excited group were transported back in time to 1971 when the Boeing 747 arrived in South Africa as the first of its type to be delivered to SAA. On board, they were shown how “Queen of the sky” – despite being the most advanced and luxurious aircraft of its day – brought air travel within reach of the average person,” said Peter Boshoff, coordinator of the SAA Museum Society.

As well as detailing how passengers were looked after, Margaret explained many of the technical aspects that made this aircraft so special and appreciated by all who have worked and flown on it over her 32 year flying career with the national airline.

Margaret continued with stories related to the life of an international flight attendant and some of the details of the complex emergency operating procedures that all aircrew are taught and required to know before being allowed to fly.

Learners were also able to walk through the aircraft park to better understand aviation history and view the many other older aircraft, flight simulators and radio communications equipment on display.

“Finally, they were able to satisfy their curiosity about the career possibilities available in the field of aviation. We are sure there are several aspiring pilots, cabin crew and aircraft technicians among these young enthusiasts,” said Peter.

The museum will actually be hosting an Aviation Careers Day event to coincide with Youth Day on June 16 – a great day for them to visit and have any questions answered.

Information regarding private and group tours to the South African Airways Museum can be obtained by contacting them on 076 879 5044 or [email protected]from Tuesday to Sunday.


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