Pasco Brawl features a pistol, twerk, and ripped woman’s wig


A bizarre case in Pasco caught the attention of some passers-by in Plaza Toscane on Route 68 on Wednesday afternoon.

Officers said around 4 p.m. two women met there, apparently because of an argument. A 28-year-old victim met the 37-year-old suspect. Then, according to Pasco Police:

“The two were apparently arguing. The victim had a pistol with her and has a concealed weapon license to legally carry it. Witnesses report that upon the arrival of the victim’s car, the suspect and another man walked away. are directed towards her to confront the driver. The victim refused to exit, but had the sunroof open. “

However, the suspect climbed into the victim’s car, leaned over the sunroof and started hitting her. The victim fired a warning shot into the road, trying to attract attention.

When officers arrived, the two women were fighting furiously inside the car to gain control of the gun. The suspect continued to fight, ripping off the victim’s wig.

Officer Mendoza managed to separate the two and gain control of the weapon. He told the suspect to stand in front of the patrol car, next to the guard at the cattle bumper gate. However, instead, she chose this moment to climb on the bumper bars and twerk.

Mendoza was quickly able to establish the probable cause of the assault because the victim was there. Another police officer took the suspect to jail.

Pasco PD says her name has not been released and her identity (blurred in images) as she may be part of a larger investigation.

The victim did not sustain serious injuries during the assault. What led to their dispute was not disclosed by police.

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