Russian analyst sees Baku forum as unique platform for world leaders


Russian political scientist Darya Grevtsova described the Baku World Forum as extremely important for intellectuals around the world to come together and discuss the most pressing issues in modern politics.

“The topic of this year’s forum” The world after COVID-19 “is important, because many changes in different countries of the world have occurred in relation to the coronavirus and no one knows how the situation will evolve. Therefore, a such a platform helps to develop roadmaps, on which the heads of state will orient themselves. Undoubtedly, it is very important that former politicians, diplomats, public figures, political scientists participate in the forum, because they will return to their countries and will be able to convey to the leaders the ideas and issues that were raised at the forum in the Azerbaijani capital. As a result, relying on them, the leaders of these countries will be able to formulate their policies, ”said the deputy director of the Russian Socio-political Research Institute Darya Grevtsova mentioned.

She also underlined the importance of the forum due to the fact that there are still many unanswered questions.

“The main issues discussed at the forum are the most pressing issues on the global agenda. These are health care, the availability of COVID-19 vaccines, the way out of the global economic crisis and the formation of new development strategies, the creation of renewable energies. sources of energy, the environmental agenda, the transition to new sources of energy. In addition, an important issue, mainly for Azerbaijan, is the situation in the South Caucasus, possible projects and the development of the region. It is very important to come together and directly, without intermediaries, discuss what is happening in the world, find ways to solve many urgent problems, “said Grevtsova.

She noted that an event of a format such as the Baku World Forum provides an opportunity to invite participants from all over the world to Azerbaijan so that they, and not the media, can find out how the country is doing. developed.

“It’s important because we know that sometimes the press, especially in Europe, distorts the facts about Azerbaijan a lot. Therefore, those who come to Azerbaijan for the first time will be very surprised, from a good point of view. They will be able to tell later about the development of Azerbaijan, which they witnessed. It is also important to support the image of Azerbaijan in the eyes of the world community, ”said Grevtsova.

She stressed that the President of Azerbaijan is one of the world’s leading intellectuals.

“Under his auspices, large-scale events such as the Baku World Forum, the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Forum, the Baku International Humanitarian Forum and others are organized, and Azerbaijan is their initiator. or direct participant, as, for example, in the case with the forum of the Non-Aligned Movement, ”noted Grevtsova.

Speaking on the importance of the topics discussed at the forum, Russian historian and political analyst Prof. Oleg Kuznetsov said that, in particular, the topic of clean energy will always be relevant for Azerbaijan.

“Recently, the subject of ‘green economy’ has become extremely fashionable, which coincided chronologically with the COVID-19 pandemic and is therefore considered to be part of the structural transformations being implemented as part of the new reality. “, did he declare.

“Azerbaijan is located in a completely different climatic zone from the Old World, and therefore the topic of clean energy will always be relevant to him. “Green energy” may well become a revolutionary sector of the Azerbaijani economy, “Kuznetsov added.

Kuznetsov also noted that many critically minded people view the COVID-19 pandemic as a tool for transforming the global economic system, a driver of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, aimed at shifting the global economy towards digital technologies in one, two or three generations. , as was the case during previous industrial upheavals, but within a decade, which should lead to the globalization of the monetary system and the loss of a significant part of the national sovereignty of countries.

“Although paper money and cash payments do exist, it is quite difficult to do so, but with the planet’s transition to electronic money and non-cash payments, the power of bankers will become almost limitless,” and this prospect is already waiting for us somewhere in 2030, “he added.

“The Baku World Forum is useful for bringing together former prime ministers, presidents, high-ranking diplomats, experts in various fields and providing ideas for discussing some of the key issues facing us today. Holding an event of this magnitude during the coronavirus pandemic is a timely step, ”said the analyst.

Under the auspices of President Aliyev and with the organization of the Nizami Ganjavi International Center, the VIII Baku World Forum titled “The World After COVID-19” began its work in the Azerbaijani capital on November 4 and will end on November 6.

The VIII Baku Forum brings together high-level representatives from over 40 countries around the world, former heads of state and government, representatives of international and non-governmental organizations, and other guests to discuss issues of global importance.

The Baku World Forum attracts a lot of attention and interest from world leaders. The wide interest in the forum of the world’s countries and international organizations is an indicator of Azerbaijan’s growing prestige, political power and the new realities created by President Ilham Aliyev.

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