Sacramento breaks record for hottest day ever


Sacramento set a new record for the highest temperature on record downtown – 116 degrees – as an extreme heat wave continued into another week on Tuesday.

The mark beats a record set on July 17, 1925, when the maximum reached 114 degrees.

It’s the seventh straight day above 100 degrees in Sacramento as a dangerous heat wave blanketed California and much of the west, straining the power grid and exposing many people to risk of heat-related injuries.

Sacramento wasn’t the only city with record heat on Tuesday – the National Weather Service said Reno, Modesto, Stockton and Redding setting new daily highs also for September 6.

The heat wave was particularly dangerous not only because of its duration, but also because overnight lows also remained above average. Monday night’s low temperature in downtown Sacramento was 72 degrees, when normally at this time of year the average low would be closer to 60 degrees.

UCLA climatologist Daniel Swain explained during a social media event why nighttime temperatures remained in the 70s in the Sacramento area and the Sierra foothills.

“During these extreme heat events, at certain elevations, there’s almost no overnight temperature recovery,” Swain said. “And that, of course, has major implications for human health, ecosystems and, of course, wildfire risk, because it means wildfires can burn as if it were still daytime, all day long. long night.”

Swain says temperatures that rise overnight are known as an “inversion.” He adds that this has been a signature of recent heat waves, particularly in the fall, with lower elevations warming faster than other regions.

The heat wave is expected to persist through the end of the week, with continued temperatures of 100 degrees likely through Friday.

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