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For those who have not sampled medium wave or radio frequency, would at some point develop an innate liking for this medium albeit disconnected with no direct connection, would begin to appreciate and experience radio to the fullest. Radio has had an innate effect on listeners since time immemorial. In the late 1930s, radio was just not very popular in popularity, but it was the medium of choice. Cost-effective, user-friendly, with offerings of a wide range of impactful, connecting and entertaining programming.

Medium of sound, medium of voice with a perfect link between speakers and listeners: the microphone is the only instrument through which a broadcaster speaks to his listeners. Radio is most preferred when it comes to music on FM, talk shows covering public affairs, chat rooms, interviews and talk shows, youth programs and news related to the community. Dissemination of information through engaging news platforms, scintillating music shows, youth programs that have a definite impact on the masses.

The radio is not very expensive and it is the choice of the most with a diversified and inclusive approach. Community radio is a good initiative to connect with a common audience. The main objective is to build trust and reach of connectivity through correct access to each station. The thematic focus and reach of radio connectivity is widespread and diverse, with a huge audience that has comfortably become familiar with the radio space. The most preferred age group that endorsed radio over a period of time is in the age group of 18-35 related to music, 25-35 for news, and 23-35 on general programs covering features or events.

Do you have the opportunity to savor the radio? FM, Ham, Community Outreach is one offering from the radio portfolio that is profitable. The signature style indicates the specific station names that stand out:

• AIR India (Yuva Vani)

• Gyaan Vani

• Aaksh Vani

• Radio One (94.3)

• City Radio

• Radio Akash

• Radio Biryani

• Rainbow FM

To illustrate some Jingles that can strike an immediate chord with stellar audiences:

Radio Biryani, Hyderabad My idea of ​​paradise

FM for Music, FM for enjoying Biryani

India on AIR – Prasar Bharati

Coming to you with Mann Ki Baat

Voice of India (The PM’ & Councils & The Engaged) – Namo’s (conscious) voice.

For engaging and impactful single sign-on messaging, the radio needs finer tuning. When radio sparks an innate interest in the concept of messaging enhancement, the audience’s preference changes as it is a medium beyond the mode of programming. Radio curations are a boost especially for young people who have specific preferential interests. Radio editions vary from state to state and brand loyalty is limited to state diversity. As we explore the medium of radio through an engaging listening load, India through the sounds of radio waves, we find the mode more appealing as it has a strong potential to connect with the right target audience.

India on AIR covers various snippets and bytes of states uttering the philosophy of the true spirit of India. When the stars speak it is an immediate connection to the Taare (Stars Radio Pe) As the radio shakes the audience with program specific themes like Hum Hai Hindustani, Mera Bharat Mahan, Maa Tujhe Salaam, Aadarsh ​​Maananiy Pradhan Mantri echoing Mann Ki Baat straight from the heart that connects to the audience through a connection bond, high on retention appealing to the masses directly on an individual approach. Some of the unique themes talk about Mother India, Freedom Fighters, Cultural Diversity, enhancing the medium to full potential as the radio becomes Lajawab AIR. Signature tunes are the reason behind the striking deal of a spellbinding bond between the stations and its unique listeners. Music composed of beautiful strings, connecting sonnets between the listener and the medium. As we get to know the radio orbit, the ebb and flow of programming concepts connects to a diverse group of audience endorsing the AIR or Prasar Bharati brand.

As the radio endorses the Indian dream, its main constituents, the people, the key frequency waves of the multiple uprisings, sailing in the right hour (question time as well) getting the right sense of the hour and the people, is truly the hallmark of radio. Aakash or Gnanvanis, he delivers the real tunes of all on an equal footing. Youthful melodies, sports meets, morning dews, comedy shows, dance anthems, pigeon talk, recurring rising waves with real conversations to cherish on a live podcast democracy of finer rebirth. With radio grooves, currents and undercurrents, let the sound waves of the action tweedle and tweedle with a big bang to make the essence of Radio and Brand India an amazing caller tune. Until we listen again…stay spooked!!


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