SuperCar Blondie’s Alex Hirschi talks about the new direction in the automotive industry


In the world of automotive media, every personality has their own niche. Whether it’s Doug DeMuro focusing on the quirky aspects of cars or Engineering Explained discussing how engines work, there’s a place for everyone in the automotive world. But when it comes to covering intriguing topics, on-off concept carsAlex Hirschi leads in this sector.

Become an automotive influencer

Before starting a career in the automotive industry, Australian-born Hirschi held various positions in the media industry, eventually becoming a presenter at a Dubai-based radio station. The United Arab Emirates, known for its extravagant automotive scene, served as a catalyst for Hirschi’s underlying fascination: cars. “I think it was because of the radio that I fell into this. I was covering a lot of local news stories on my radio show here in Dubai, and some of those stories included car rides and track days. “, Hirschi told HotCars. “I’ve always loved fancy cars and fast cars, so whenever there was an opportunity to go cover a new car, I would raise my hand and I was there. I would be like the only journalist who would even care, and I couldn’t believe it.

“I’ve been to those tracks and had a couple good connections,” Hirschi said. “Bentley called me one day and just said, ‘Hey, would you like a car for the weekend -‘ so the first luxury car I ever drove was a Continental Flying Spur.” After receiving his first press car, Hirschi says his desire to pursue a role in the automotive industry proliferated.

“As a little girl, it was always my goal to drive or own a fancy car, so the fact that I was given one for free for a few days blew my mind,” he said. she told HotCars. As with any journalist receiving a press vehicle, the automaker wants the recipient to review or present the car in exchange for the loan. So Hirschi decided to start a YouTube channel called Supercar Blondie to showcase and review the vehicles she was able to discover.

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“Because of the radio, I started uploading these videos of every car I could get my hands on,” Hirschi added. “I just started filming and uploading every night after work, after my full time job, and every weekend I was filming. Then I had about fifty thousand followers on Instagram, and I got said, ‘at some point I need to choose – what do I do – I can’t have one foot in the world of social media and one foot in the world of radio’, so I ‘ said ‘well, I can always come back to the radio if it doesn’t work out.'”

After debating the pros and cons, Hirschi decided to end his radio career and focus exclusively on building the Supercar Blondie brand across all platforms. Soon, she realized her choice was for the best; Hirschi’s following in the automotive world grew significantly. “In that year, I went from fifteen thousand subscribers to a million, and that was it; that was the answer to my question,” she said. From there, the rest was history. Over several years of consistently posting content, Hirschi quickly grew his channel north of a billion views, making it one of YouTube’s biggest car channels.

Adapt to the market

Hirschi found his niche was to discover interesting car features and showcase them in his videos. “All the little features and gimmicks are really cool, but what I’m focusing on, and that’s more from a strategic point of view because that’s what I’ve found works really well on social media, it’s the visuals,” Hirschi said. Hot Cars. From quirky opening doors to over-the-top luxury features, she’s found that’s what viewers find most appealing.

But as Supercar Blondie’s following grew, the industry underwent a massive shift towards electrification. “Younger generations won’t even associate the sound of an engine that we know today with the cars of the future. For us, we know that cars make noise, that’s what we grew up with,” said said Hirschi.

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This shift to electrified powertrains means there will be a difference in the features automakers prioritize. “For so long car manufacturers have been so obsessed with power, speed, 0-100 speed – and now it’s more about who has the coolest features tied to all your tech devices in your life, which has the weirdest things in your car that no other car has,” she told HotCars.

Car culture for future generations

“For younger generations, the sound of an engine won’t even be a thought, so for them it’s more about how this car works in my life, how do I pair it with all my devices, what cool features can I show my friend,” Hirschi said. While new electric cars may not have the spirit of a roaring V8 engine, their individuality and technology are generally unmatched.

In the electric vehicle industry, many cars, regardless of price, usually have cool party tricks to provide a more enjoyable overall experience. “Even in the new Ioniq 5 you have a fridge magnet in the front; it’s so weird, but still cool to have because no one else has it in their car,” she told HotCars. On the contrary, Hirschi thinks the electric vehicle boom could produce more single-option cars on the market.

But one thing Hirschi wants to see is that more manufacturers cater to enthusiast desires. “Because electric cars have the most incredible torque, it’s something that’s exclusive to electric cars – few other cars can produce the kind of instant torque that an EV can produce – I think automakers are going to have to focus on keeping that in mind every time they produce an electric car,” added Hirschi.


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