The speed brought by technology causes impatience in normal life



The speed brought by technology causes impatience in normal life.

Technology, which makes our lives easier, brings us closer to loved ones thousands of miles away and provides an inexhaustible source of information, can sometimes seriously affect our mental health. One of the experts at, Uzm. Cl. Ps. Esin Kırcalı discusses the positive and negative effects of technology on people.

In recent years, technology has become irreplaceable in our lives. Most of the time, technology makes our lives easier, sometimes there are times that can strain people psychologically. It is the duty of adults to be protected from the effects of technology, which occupies an important part of the lives of children and adults, and to protect children. One of the experts at, Uzm. Cl. Ps. Esin Kırcalı explains how technology affects our mental health.

Especially children show great interest in smartphones and tablets. Parents, meanwhile, from time to time to breathe a bit, and from time to time, cannot resist the insistence of their children and allow them to mingle with digital devices. Stating that for mental development, the brain must be meticulously protected during the first 20 to 25 years of life. Cl. Ps. Kırcalı points out that spending a lot of time with technological devices affects children’s communication skills and emotional development: “For example, while children socialize with their peers, they learn to play, discuss, resolve conflicts. , love, protect their limits and many other skills. However, children who are immersed in the game with technological devices and who stay away from human communication stay away from the chance to have this experience. These children, who also spend less time with their parents and siblings, may not learn to recognize, express and deal with their emotions. In addition, it has been proven by numerous studies that electromagnetic waves from technological devices adversely affect the developing brain.

Tamed Bodies on Social Media Can Cause Eating Disorders in Teens

Technology; In addition to many problems such as insomnia, eye strain, postural disturbances, physical problems due to insufficient physical activity, it can also lead to psychological effects that overwhelm people. For example; Since constantly encountering content on social media trains the mind to become accustomed to this speed, individuals try to catch up with this speed in life, and if they cannot, they demonstrate ‘an impatient attitude. exp. Cl. Ps. Kırcalı draws attention to the fact that photos and videos that last a few seconds and can be easily replaced make it difficult to be patient with the stagnation of real life.

Remembering that looking at unreal lives and comparing those lives with your own is another problem created by technology, Uzm. Cl. Ps. Kırcalı continues his words as follows: “After a while, a person can try to integrate his own life into this mold of force, because it is believed that these lives are ordinary even if they are far from reality. When not suitable, he has to deal with disappointment, anger, sadness, and possibly mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. Especially for teens who are struggling to adjust to their new changing body, standard acceptance of filter-shaped bodies can lead to eating disorders.

Not being able to stay away from technology makes it difficult to fall asleep

Stating that the sleep disturbances and the resulting concentration problems can be interpreted as another result of the technological devices, the experts at, Uzm. Cl. Ps. Kırcalı said: “Not being able to stay away from technological delays and complicate the transition to sleep. A good night’s sleep, on the other hand, manifests itself the next day with symptoms such as distraction, l inability to concentrate and physical fatigue. For a good night’s sleep it is necessary to take all electronic devices out of the bedroom and fall asleep without straining the mind with technology, although it takes a long time .

Technology not only has negative consequences, it also positively affects human psychology. For example; As technology is a useful means of communication, people can establish proximity with their friends, family and relatives to receive social support, even in other cities or even in other countries. People who have difficulty leaving home can access psychological support through the Internet, and students researching for their courses can access articles and books from tens of thousands of different sources. Emphasizing that we have discovered much more clearly the place of technology in our lives, especially going through a global epidemic and staying at home, Uzm. Cl. Ps. Kırcalı continues: “We know that technology and social media are also effective in releasing dopamine. Dopamine, a naturally occurring chemical in our body, directly affects people’s moods. Dopamine, a hormone that triggers feelings of reward, motivation, and happiness, also increases social media use as it is enjoyed. We can also say that there are areas where technology brings benefits for psychological health, because it provides momentary well-being.



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