The Subaru of rally champion Colin McCray sold for $ 500,000… in Bitcoin


An abandoned car was sold for half a million dollars in bitcoin at an auction in Australia. It was driven in 1994 by rally car legend Colin McCray.

A Subaru Prodrive 555 driven by Colin McRae and Carlos Sainz was sold for half a million dollars in bitcoin at the 1994 Group A World Rally Championship (Image credit: Lloyds Auctions of Australia)

There was an amazing sale in Australia organized by Lloyds Auctions in Australia. This sale is special in many ways. The story is the first of a decade-long forgotten car in a barn. His owner was convinced that the rusty car on his farm was only worth $ 20,000. it was really A rare legendary copy operated in the 90s by Colin McRae, a world rally racing legend.

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The car left in the barn was driven to the world championship by a rally car legend

At auction, Lloyds Auctions of Australia presented the vehicle as Subaru Prodrive 555 which was driven in the 1994 Group A World Rally Championship. At the top: Colin McRae and Carlos Sainz, former world rally champions. Colin McRae is a Scottish pilot Famous for his safe driving, which has earned him the nickname “Colin McCrush”. Among the fans of the rally. He won the world championship a year after driving the auction car, still in a Subaru, an Impreza 555 model.

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The Subaru Prodrive 555 is one of 63 examples of this car manufactured in the world. To this rarity is added the notoriety of its pilot, who died in a helicopter crash in 2007 at the age of 39. Subaru, the epitome of the rally scene, has gone from owner to owner over the course of the competition, until ending up in a barn in rural Australia.

The $ 500,000 rally car was paid for entirely in bitcoin.

The car was restored to its original condition and then sold over last month’s auction weekend where we were also able to visit Same rare Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III, auctioned for record $ 1.3 million.

The story of this extremely rare Subaru Prodrive 555 was already magnificent. However, there is one last detail: The $ 500,000 paid by its mysterious buyer was paid in bitcoin in cash., The commission is included. Contrary to appearances, the Australian company Lloyds Auction favors this electronic money. Auction houses see it as a safe and anonymous way to transfer large sums of money between buyers and auctioneers. that is why The still controversial cryptocurrency could emerge as the preferred payment method in the future For cars and other valuables.

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Source: Lloyds Auctions in Australia


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