Turkey to test state-of-the-art multifunctional drone



Turkey will soon see a flight test of its new state-of-the-art multi-functional unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which can be used as a drone deterrent or used in an assault, a senior official said. ‘a Turkish group. manufacturing company.

The drone is part of a wide range of drone detection and destruction systems developed by Havelsan and Transvaro.

Güray Ali Canlı, member of the board of directors of Transvaro, which manufactured Fedai, told the Anadolu Agency (AA) that the device has a protection system developed to stop drone / drone attacks, but the vehicle itself can be used for an attack in the future if needed.

He said their main objective is to shoot down drones and armed drones, but by changing the warhead, Fedai can also be used as an anti-tank, anti-personnel defense system or as a vehicle capable of attacking.

“The structure of Fedai’s wing and follower tracking mechanism is different from all other products,” Canlı explained, adding that when the threat approaches, it detonates on the target with its own optical search system.

They will demonstrate the downing of a real drone at the end of the month, the manager of Transvaro informed, adding that the drone is fully developed by Turkish engineers.

He noted that due to the rapid development of these unmanned systems in recent years, it has become difficult to stop both autonomous and swarm attack drones.

The multi-functional Fedai Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) system can be seen in this photo provided on October 10, 2021. (Photo AA)

Nezih ÅžiÅŸman, director of business development at Havelsan Command Control Defense Technologies, said this week that they are looking to develop a system capable of protecting large campuses, critical facilities or infrastructure, organizations with dispersed forces, such as the gendarmerie, as well as critical locations such as the capital Ankara which is home to many important institutions.

He added that they took the vast STAR refinery complex in AliaÄŸa, western Izmir, as a prototype and started integration studies with its stakeholders for some defense plans.

The kamikaze drone uses certain target and identification information. He flies for a moment and begins by visually scanning his target. As soon as he captures his target from a distance, he can destroy a single drone or a swarm of drones at his location by detonating the warhead, according to ÅžiÅŸman.

Havelsan is responsible for the drone detection radar, its electro-optical suite, the control consoles, the ability to detect threats and use the associated fusion algorithms.

Explaining how the idea of ​​having Fedai for the country’s self-defense came about, Canlı said small drones can have a huge effect today.

“Many methods have been developed to shoot them down, but the most effective is to shoot them in the air. Many studies have started across the world on this subject, from the Far East to the United States and Europe. We also reviewed these studies.



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